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net::sf::jabref::oo::StyleDirectoriesPanel Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Panel for setting up the list of directories and files to search for style files. Each directory entry can be set to be searched recursively or not.

Definition at line 31 of file StyleDirectoriesPanel.java.

Public Member Functions

void addActionListener (ActionListener listener)
List< DirElementgetDirElements ()
JPanel getPanel ()
String[] getStringArray ()
void removeActionListener (ActionListener listener)
 StyleDirectoriesPanel (JDialog parent, String[] dirs)

Package Attributes

JButton addDir = new JButton(Globals.lang("Add directory"))
JButton addFile = new JButton(Globals.lang("Add file"))
EventList< DirElemententries = new BasicEventList<DirElement>()
List< ActionListener > listeners = new ArrayList<ActionListener>()
JPanel panel = new JPanel()
JButton remove = new JButton(Globals.lang("Remove"))
EventSelectionModel< DirElementselectionModel
EventList< DirElementsortedEntries
FileFilter styleFileFilter = null
EventTableModel< DirElementtableModel

Static Package Attributes

static final int TABLE_VISIBLE_ROWS = 5

Private Member Functions

void addEntry (boolean directory)
void notifyListeners ()
void removeSelected ()
void setValues (String[] dirs)

Private Attributes

JDialog parent


class  DirElement
class  DirElementFormat

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