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net::sf::jabref::oo::OOTestPanel Class Reference

Inherits net::sf::jabref::AbstractWorker, net::sf::jabref::plugin::SidePanePlugin, and net::sf::jabref::external::PushToApplication.

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Detailed Description

This test panel can be opened by reflection from JabRef, passing the JabRefFrame as an argument to the start() method. It displays buttons for testing interaction functions between JabRef and OpenOffice.

Definition at line 32 of file OOTestPanel.java.

Public Member Functions

void connect (boolean auto)
String getApplicationName ()
Icon getIcon ()
String getKeyStrokeName ()
JMenuItem getMenuItem ()
String getName ()
JPanel getSettingsPanel ()
String getShortcutKey ()
SidePaneComponent getSidePaneComponent ()
String getTooltip ()
void init (JabRefFrame frame, SidePaneManager manager)
void insertFullRefs ()
void insertUsingBST ()
void operationCompleted (BasePanel basePanel)
void pushEntries (BibtexDatabase bibtexDatabase, BibtexEntry[] entries, String s, MetaData metaData)
void pushEntries (boolean inParenthesis, BibtexEntry[] entries)
void pushEntries (boolean inParenthesis, boolean withText)
void readStyleFile () throws Exception
boolean requiresBibtexKeys ()
void run ()
void setStyleFile ()
void showConnectDialog ()
void showConnectionLostErrorMessage ()
void showSettingsPopup ()
void storeSettings ()
void updateConnectionParams (String ooPath, String ooExec, String ooJars, boolean oo3)

Static Public Member Functions

static void addURL (URL[] u) throws IOException

Static Public Attributes

static boolean postLayoutSupported

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Package Attributes

TestPanel comp
JDialog diag
JRadioButton inPar
JRadioButton inText

Static Package Attributes

static JButton connect
static JButton focus = new JButton("Focus OO document")
static JButton insertFullRef = new JButton("Insert reference text")
static JButton manualConnect
static JButton merge = new JButton(Globals.lang("Merge citations"))
static JButton pushEntries = new JButton(Globals.lang("Cite"))
static JButton pushEntriesEmpty = new JButton(Globals.lang("Insert empty citation"))
static JButton pushEntriesInt = new JButton(Globals.lang("Cite in-text"))
static JButton selectDocument
static JButton setStyleFile = new JButton(Globals.lang("Select style file"))
static JButton settingsB = new JButton(Globals.lang("Settings"))
static JButton test = new JButton("Test")
static JButton update

Private Member Functions

void initPanel () throws Exception
void initSettingsPanel ()
void reportUndefinedParagraphFormat (UndefinedParagraphFormatException ex)

Private Attributes

boolean autoDetected = false
Exception connectException = null
boolean dialogOkPressed = false
SidePaneManager manager
JPanel settings = null
String sOffice = null
StyleSelectDialog styleDialog = null

Static Private Attributes

static JabRefFrame frame
static OOBibBase ooBase
static final Class[] parameters = new Class[]{URL.class}
static OOBibStyle style = null
static String styleFile = null


class  TestPanel

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