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void net::sf::jabref::oo::OOBibStyle::group ( BibtexEntry[]  entries,
String[]  uniquefiers,
int  from,
int  to,
String  separator 
) [inline, private]

Modify entry and uniqiefier arrays to facilitate a grouped presentation of uniqiefied entries.

entries The entry array.
uniquefiers The uniquefier array.
from The first index to group (inclusive)
to The last index to group (inclusive)
separator The separator for the uniquefier letters.

Definition at line 567 of file OOBibStyle.java.

Referenced by getCitationMarker().

        StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(uniquefiers[from]);
        for (int i=from+1; i<=to; i++) {
            entries[i] = null;
        uniquefiers[from] = sb.toString();

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