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List<String> net::sf::jabref::oo::OOBibBase::refreshCiteMarkers ( BibtexDatabase  database,
OOBibStyle  style 
) throws UndefinedParagraphFormatException, Exception [inline]

Refresh all cite markers in the document.

database The database to get entries from.
style The bibliography style to use.
A list of those referenced BibTeX keys that could not be resolved.

Definition at line 284 of file OOBibBase.java.

Referenced by insertEntry().

        try {
            return refreshCiteMarkersInternal(database, style);
        } catch (DisposedException ex) {
            // We need to catch this one here because the OOTestPanel class is
            // loaded before connection, and therefore cannot directly reference
            // or catch a DisposedException (which is in a OO jar file).
            throw new ConnectionLostException(ex.getMessage());

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