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boolean net::sf::jabref::oo::OOBibBase::createBibTextSection ( boolean  end  )  throws Exception [inline]

This method creates and inserts an XTextSection named as determined by the string BIB_SECTION_NAME.

end true to indicate that the section should be put at the end of the document, false to indicate that it should be put at the cursor position.
true if the bibliography already existed, false otherwise..

Definition at line 839 of file OOBibBase.java.

        // Check if there already is a bookmarked section:
        XBookmarksSupplier bSupp = (XBookmarksSupplier) UnoRuntime.queryInterface(
                 XBookmarksSupplier.class, mxDoc);
        if (bSupp.getBookmarks().hasByName(BIB_SECTION_NAME)) {
            System.out.println("Found existing JabRef bookmark");
            return true;
        XTextCursor mxDocCursor = text.createTextCursor();
        if (end)
        OOUtil.insertParagraphBreak(text, mxDocCursor);
        insertBookMark(BIB_SECTION_NAME, mxDocCursor);
        return false;

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