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net::sf::jabref::oo::OOBibBase Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Class for manipulating the Bibliography of the currently start document in OpenOffice.

Definition at line 32 of file OOBibBase.java.

Public Member Functions

void clearBibTextSectionContent () throws Exception
void combineCiteMarkers (BibtexDatabase database, OOBibStyle style) throws Exception
boolean createBibTextSection (boolean end) throws Exception
List< BibtexEntry > findCitedEntries (BibtexDatabase database, List< String > keys)
int[] findCitedEntryIndex (String citRefName, List< String > keys)
List< String > findCitedKeys () throws com.sun.star.container.NoSuchElementException, WrappedTargetException
Point findPosition (XTextViewCursor cursor, XTextRange range)
XTextRange getBookmarkRange (String name) throws Exception
String getCurrentDocumentTitle ()
List< BibtexEntry > getSortedEntriesFromSortedRefMarks (String[] names, BibtexDatabase database, List< BibtexEntry > entries) throws BibtexEntryNotFoundException
String[] getSortedReferenceMarks (final XNameAccess nameAccess) throws Exception
List< XTextDocument > getTextDocuments () throws Exception
String getUniqueReferenceMarkName (String bibtexKey, int type)
XTextContent insertBookMark (String name, XTextCursor position) throws Exception
void insertEntry (BibtexEntry[] entries, BibtexDatabase database, OOBibStyle style, boolean inParenthesis, boolean withText, boolean sync) throws Exception
void insertFootnote (String name, String citText, XTextCursor position) throws Exception
void insertFullReferenceAtCursor (XTextCursor cursor, BibtexDatabase database, List< BibtexEntry > entries, OOBibStyle style, String parFormat) throws UndefinedParagraphFormatException, Exception
void insertFullReferenceAtViewCursor (BibtexDatabase database, List< BibtexEntry > entries, OOBibStyle style, String parFormat) throws Exception
void insertMarkedUpTextAtViewCursor (String lText, String parFormat) throws Exception
void insertReferenceMark (String name, String citText, XTextCursor position, boolean withText, OOBibStyle style) throws Exception
boolean isConnectedToDocument ()
 OOBibBase (String pathToOO, boolean atEnd) throws Exception
List< String > parseRefMarkName (String name)
void populateBibTextSection (BibtexDatabase database, List< BibtexEntry > entries, OOBibStyle style) throws UndefinedParagraphFormatException, Exception
void printBookmarkNames () throws Exception
void rebuildBibTextSection (BibtexDatabase database, OOBibStyle style) throws Exception
List< String > refreshCiteMarkers (BibtexDatabase database, OOBibStyle style) throws UndefinedParagraphFormatException, Exception
void removeBookMark (String name) throws Exception
void removeReferenceMark (String name) throws Exception
void selectDocument () throws Exception
void setFocus ()
XDesktop simpleBootstrap (String pathToExecutable) throws Exception
void testFootnote () throws Exception
void testFrameHandling () throws Exception
void updateSortedReferenceMarks () throws Exception

Package Attributes

final String[] BIB_TYPES
final Pattern citePattern = Pattern.compile(BIB_CITATION+"\\d*_(\\d*)_(.*)")
XComponentLoader xComponentLoader = null
XComponent xCurrentComponent = null
XTextViewCursorSupplier xViewCursorSupplier = null

Static Package Attributes

static final int AUTHORYEAR_INTEXT = 2
static final int AUTHORYEAR_PAR = 1
static final String BIB_CITATION = "JR_cite"
static final String BIB_SECTION_END_NAME = "JR_bib_end"
static final String BIB_SECTION_NAME = "JR_bib"
static final String DEFAULT_CONNECTION_STRING = "uno:socket,host=localhost,port=2002;urp;StarOffice.ServiceManager"
static final int INVISIBLE_CIT = 3

Private Member Functions

List< String > refreshCiteMarkersInternal (BibtexDatabase database, OOBibStyle style) throws UndefinedParagraphFormatException, Exception

Private Attributes

boolean atEnd
AlphanumericComparator entryComparator = new AlphanumericComparator()
XTextDocument mxDoc = null
XMultiServiceFactory mxDocFactory = null
String[] sortedReferenceMarks = null
XText text = null
HashMap< String, String > uniquefiers = new HashMap<String, String>()
XDesktop xDesktop = null
YearComparator yearComparator = new YearComparator()

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