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net::sf::jabref::oo::AutoDetectPaths Class Reference

Inherits net::sf::jabref::AbstractWorker.

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Detailed Description

Tools for automatically detecting jar and executable paths to OpenOffice.

Definition at line 19 of file AutoDetectPaths.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean autoDetectPaths ()
 AutoDetectPaths (JDialog parent)
boolean cancelled ()
File findFileDir (File startDir, String filename)
boolean getResult ()
void init () throws Throwable
void run ()
boolean runAutodetection ()
JDialog showProgressDialog (JDialog parent, String title, String message, boolean includeCancelButton)
void update ()

Static Public Member Functions

static boolean checkAutoDetectedPaths ()

Package Attributes

boolean fileSearchCancelled = false
boolean foundPaths = false
JDialog prog

Static Private Member Functions

static File findProgramFilesDir ()

Private Attributes

JDialog parent

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